Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

Keep managed services in mind when looking for the right cloud solution to help run your network-based services, apps, and equipment. These services can be provided by the same private and public cloud service providers you’ve already trusted with your core computer and storage resources. There are several benefits to leveraging managed services, including increased efficiency due to their mature toolsets and expertise, as well as reduced downtime and risk since your service providers understand your business and can predict issues before they even happen.

At Digital Realty, we work with cloud service providers and other qualified managed service providers to offer you flexible and innovative enterprise management services for your company to reduce risk, streamline operations, and increase business continuity as well as productivity.

When qualified service providers manage your back-end technology, your company no longer has to spend time worrying about finding additional IT resources for any internal or external expansion. And when combined with cloud and connectivity solutions like those offered by Digital Realty, managed services enable you to easily and efficiently scale to meet growing business demands.