Google Cloud Interconnect

About Google Cloud Interconnect

Digital Realty is a Google Cloud Interconnect Partner. Obtain network services that connect your enterprise infrastructure directly to Google over enterprise grade connections provided by the Digital Realty ecosystem. Google Cloud Interconnect Dedicated is available at our 111 8th Eighth Facility in New York City, Google Cloud Interconnect Partner is available via our Service Exchange-enabled metros in the US and Europe.

Google Cloud Interconnect enables developers and enterprises to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure with the choice of computing, storage and application services for web, mobile as well as backend solutions.

Digital Realty customers can leverage a private business interconnection to Google Cloud Platform, which meets the needs of enterprises, cloud providers and network providers by bringing them together in a unique ecosystem within our data centers. With tailored hybrid cloud solutions available, organizations can optimize application specific sensitivities around securing data, system performance, and operational control with the flexibility to decide which technologies best support business objectives.

Our customers benefit from Google Cloud Interconnect with business access to Google Cloud Platform as it minimizes routing issues, network congestion, and latency to deliver a more consistent network experience.

Google Cloud Interconnect gives Digital Realty customers access to Google Cloud Platform with products like, Cloud Spanner, Bigtable, Cloud Storage and many others.

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