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The Cloud Enables High Performance

A transformational shift at the enterprise level has changed the way businesses consume IT and in turn has driven the need for the evolution of the cloud. The good news is that the components used to enable secure interconnection from a well-designed multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environment are different now, and better for enabling high performance.

Speed and agility have become critical business considerations when designing an efficient cloud computing solution, as the ability to quickly deploy go-to-market strategies is a competitive advantage that can directly impact your bottom line.

To get optimal value from your hybrid- or multi-cloud infrastructure means it must be designed to deliver benefits in scalability, agility, and cost efficiencies.  Doing so requires ensuring its components include a variety of service and provider options, with flexibility in scale and bandwidth, and be securely and seamlessly interconnected. To date finding the variety of essential options along with the ability to establish seamless interconnection through one data center provider has created major hurdles for enterprises attempting to create an effective cloud computing solution.

The Digital Realty cloud ecosystem makes it easy for you to choose from a variety of cloud options that include both cloud services and cloud interconnections to address your growing and varying IT needs. Solutions such as our Connected Campus, and Service Exchange, powered by Megaport, are eliminating some of the complexities in hybrid- and multi-cloud adoption by bringing all the critical data center, network and connectivity options into a single, secure environment. By avoiding the public Internet, the Digital Realty Service Exchange enables you to establish a direct, private connection to the cloud, or multiple clouds, from a single interface. It also offers easy, self-provisioning to help you manage your connectivity requirements and private access costs more effectively.

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Public Cloud

Enterprises of all sizes are leveraging public cloud computing to complement their IT efforts.

Private Cloud

Drive superior IT performance on your own cloud, a cloud with plenty of horsepower.

Hybrid Cloud

Mix and match any combination of public or private cloud solutions.

Managed Services

Enjoy the convenience of tiered managed services with single-source support atop cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Interconnection Services

Saving money on the testing for new development applications and the need to transfer large data sets to and from your network are but a couple of reasons why a Digital Realty cloud interconnection solution can help within the data center ecosystem. Private connections to the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform clouds are available to our customers with either an AWS Direct Connect or a Google Cloud Interconnect respectively.

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Alliance Partners

Our global cloud ecosystem provides a diverse set of connectivity options to each of these different cloud infrastructure delivery models. Whether its geographic diversity for data protection and disaster recovery strategies or geographic proximity for system performance and latency sensitive applications, or anything in between, our cloud service provider customer and partner network can provide solutions for enterprises of any size and complexity.


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