Midsize companies face specific challenges based on resource constraints. How can IT pros at these organizations deliver the value of cloud services and applications, while eliminating common errors and blind spots?

We'll discuss:

  • Understanding your cloud options: SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, public and private – cloud services go by many names. We provide a concise look at what the terms mean for practical cloud use.
  • How cloud use changes the financial picture: "Clouds are cheap" is an oversimplification, but the opportunity to save money is clearly there for the smart SMB.
  • What about security? Which cloud security concerns are real, and which are phantoms? A field guide to affordable security and compliance strategies.
  • The case for hybrid cloud: There are some workloads you know you'll never sell management on moving to the public cloud. We'll discuss how hybrid cloud can help you cut costs and meet other goals while keeping management happy.
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