The New Edge: Mobile, Video & Gaming (Oh My!)

Today, we want access to content - no matter what or where it is - from all of our devices, on demand, anytime.  Regardless of whether you access content from your television, home computer, wireless laptop, smartphone or watch – the experience for users must be seamless and reliable.  The more we access data ‘on the go’, content providers must shift their network focus from the hub to the edge – ensuring a real-time, high-end experience for access to all kinds of information – no matter how many bits and bytes it may be.  What does this new edge look like? How are networks adjusting to meet the insatiable demand of today’s always online users for streaming information from nearly anywhere on any device?

Michael Wolf, Chief Analyst, NextMarket Insights

Anthony Rossabi, EVP-Sales & Marketing, Telx
Tom Daly, VP of Infrastructure, Fastly
Japheth Dillman, CCO, YetiZen
Baruch Herzfeld, Founder & President, Zeno Radio