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2019 Osaka Digital Capitals Index

Osaka is currently ranked 34 Digital Capital in the world

Osaka is the 2nd largest financial center within Japan after Tokyo

An important component of Osaka’s economy is the contribution of the city’s financial sector. It has long been Japan’s 2nd most important financial center, and technologies such as AI and Blockchain are already important in the provision of financial services and their use and importance can be expected to grow significantly over the next decade or so.

About the Report
In the 2019 Osaka Digital Capitals Index, gain a data-driven deep dive into:

  • Main drivers of Osaka’s status as a top digital city
  • Value to the Osaka economy, now and in the future
  • Recommendations and opportunities to use this momentum to a business’s advantage

The overall contribution in terms of value to Osaka’s economy of the 4 technologies by 2029 is expected to grow to ¥638 billion

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