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Can You Meet the Skyrocketing Demands in Connectivity?

Ramp Up Your IT Infrastructure
We’re now in the era of digital transformation to meet the growing demands of our digital economy, so network service providers are being forced to re-think and revamp their IT infrastructures and business models to increase their digital capabilities. We can help.

AI and IoT are driving a big data explosion and requirements far beyond traditional NSP capabilities
Harness rich connectivity from our carrier hotels to large-scale and hyper-scale providers, attracting 1000s of enterprises and global carriers, to accelerate business growth, and resell offerings faster and easier by leveraging seamless interconnectivity to our growing ecosystem of partners, customers and service providers on our Connected Campuses.

Purple To Blue

Transform Quickly Enough to Support Increasing Volumes of Dynamic Workloads

Leverage our extensive infrastructure across our global customer-rich ecosystem comprised of 1600 networks and major CSPs to deliver services faster and easier, and ensure an optimal customer experience. You can further expand your solution set through our Service Exchange and serve customers requiring private connectivity to multiple clouds within and outside your coverage area.

Increase the Value of your Network

Our data driven culture is driving up consumer demands for online access and speed, but Network Service Providers face a growing challenge. They lack the global infrastructure and interconnected ecosystem to deliver value-added services. Learn more about How to Increase the Value of Your Network without a major capital investment.

Are you constrained by your limited footprint and lack of flexibility and agility?

Leverage flexibility and visibility into future growth requirements through interconnection services supporting a variety of network and cloud connectivity needs by utilizing and delivering the advantages offered by our Service Exchange and Connected Campuses, and utilize seamless connections to transact more value-adding and margin-increasing business across our unparalleled global footprint.

We can also help you to enable fast, reliable cloud deployments globally:

  • Support growth needs without limits from 1 cabinet to multi megawatt to hyper-scale deployments
  • Address dynamic network requirement via our agile data center space offerings
  • Choose from a variety of power and interconnection options to match type of data center space requirements
  • Support network operator’s needs with enhanced services and enablement tools, e.g. Remote Hands, portals, implementation services, etc.

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Increase the Value of Your Network by accelerating business growth and partner with us to deliver network services on demand.

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