London Data Centers & Colocation

11 Hanbury St

London, E1 6QR

11 Hanbury St

Hanbury Street is located in heart of the City’s financial district, just a few minutes' walk from London’s main Liverpool Street station. It attracts a range of businesses who want to interconnect with industry peers, partners and suppliers to drive differentiation and find competitive advantage in today’s crowded digital marketplace.

Hanbury Street provides over 20,000 sq ft of highly connected premium customer space. The facility is a carrier-neutral and fibre-rich hub providing access to key telecommunication providers, service providers (ISP's), Internet Exchanges (IXP's), and the most established and well-connected financial services community in Europe.

Address: 11 Hanbury Street EC1 6QZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)207 395 7000

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Data Centers

Check out our full list of services including colocation, build to suit, and a focus on sustainability for a complete data center ecosystem strategy.


Interconnection is at the heart of our Digital Realty data centers enabling secure, fast, and reliable interconnect connectivity throughout our ecosystem.


Whether you need to move off-premise or connect multiple data centers, Digital Realty has the reliable solutions for your private and hybrid clouds.

Facility Specs

  • Total Building Size
    • 9,400 m²
  • Utility Power Capacity
    • 13 MW
  • UPS Redundancy
    • 2N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy
    • N+1
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