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The Panels at MarketplaceLIVE East 2014

Andrew Baird
June 2, 2014

MarketplaceLIVE highlights thought leader representatives from our diverse data center ecosystem in panel sessions, so we can all benefit from learning about the latest technology drivers and trends that affect our customer’s business.

These panel sessions run throughout the day, and they bring together some of the best minds in the business to discuss topics from around the industry. Past speakers in these sessions have included speakers from Bloomberg, Sony PlayStation, Netflix, The Associated Press, CA Technologies, and others—and this year is set to be just as exciting.

Here’s what you can expect from Session 1, which takes place at 10:15am:

Session 1: The Evolution of Content Distribution—Adapt or Die

Moderator: David Card, VP of Research, Gigaom Research

Panelists: Jeff Ball, VP of strategies, 21st Century Fox; Elsie Choi, Founder, Busby; Ben Gonyea, VP of Product Management and Marketing, Telx

Topic: Modern technological developments are generating a new paradigm of content and digital media consumption. From the Internet of Things to wearable technology, and mobile reach content demand to real-time app development; the growing volume of content is breathtaking.

The need for content anytime and anywhere is introducing real challenges for providers and enterprises in search of consistent quality and ROI. This panel will examine ways to overcome the major challenges emerging from the changing landscape of content distribution and consumption, including strategies for the era of the “Internet of Everything" and criteria for obtaining the best quality of experience.

Content distribution is, unsurprisingly, a concern of many of our clients. No matter whether you’re a streaming media provider or an enterprise using Big Data to try to enhance internal performance, the need for constant innovation in the content distribution space is immense. MarketplaceLIVE East 2014’s first session will feature a lively discussion about how to make that innovation possible, and is sure to be of value for individuals in all types of businesses.

Our second session of the day—taking place at 11:00am—is meant to highlight the challenges facing those who occupy the mobile ecosystem, bringing together some of the sharpest minds from service providers all around the globe.

Session 2: Strategies for Riding the Mobile Wave

Moderator: Don Schuett, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, Telx

Panelists: Tim Sherwood, Vice President of Mobile Market Development and Strategy, Tata Communications; Barry MacCheyne, Head of Sales for North America and Caribbean Region, Vodafone Carrier Services; Jeffrey August, Strategic Planning, Square; Joshua Gordon, President, Red Pocket Mobile

Topic: As the mobile data explosion continues, companies of all kinds are seeing a new wave of opportunities and challenges emerge before their eyes. Existing network and service providers are evolving as networks move to LTE, just as new entrants are embracing the possibilities of the Internet of Things, mobile commerce, and Enterprise mobility.

To stay competitive, everyone must understand not only how these shifts are actively reshaping the ways in which people and machines interact, but also how to manage the deluge of new data being created. This panel session will explore some of these opportunities and challenges, specifically how service providers can enable a diverse and active mobile ecosystem.

There’s no better place to get information about overcoming the challenges in the mobile ecosystem than from key players at the service providers themselves, making this session a must-see for anyone with a hand in mobile.

The cloud is the focus of our third session, taking place at 3:15pm, about which you can find more info below:

Session 3: The Business Case for Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Moderator: Al Sadowski, Research Director of Internet Infrastructure Services, 451 Research

Panelists: Richard Hardy, SE Director and Chief Architect, NetApp; Matthew Grosso, Executive Vice President, Data Storage Corporation; Tom Fabian, Head of Global Network, Deluxe Entertainment; Thierry Sender, Director of Integrated Cloud Product Development, Verizon; John Freimuth, GM of Cloud and IT Service, Telx

Topic: The traditional “build and operate” IT delivery models of yesterday are becoming a distant memory in the modern business world. To remain competitive, vendors today must think and act as end-to-end service providers–allowing data to flow freely between cloud providers, while still providing the requisite controls required to store, manage and protect critical information.

Powering these hybrid data centers by merging on-premise private cloud with capabilities from Multi-Tennant Data Center Providers, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Hyperscale Public Cloud providers is both an IT and a business challenge. This session will examine how this shifting delivery of IT to a service model is impacting the role of IT and the CIO, as well as how the focus on the state-full nature of data will drive key decisions in the next generation of Infrastructure.

Transition to the cloud isn’t something that’s happening overnight. IT departments and CIOs across industries are working to tackle this massive market change and bring the cloud to their businesses in the most efficient way possible. Join us at this session for an in-depth look at the impact of the cloud, and why more businesses need to start using it.

Our final session of the day, taking place at 4:00pm, should be a lively discussion about how tech innovation is affecting the financial space, and we can’t wait to see what these great panelists have to discuss.

Session 4: Technological Innovation in the Financial Space

Moderator: Michael Bowen, Senior Research Analyst—Communication Services, Pacific Crest Securities

Panelists: Mike Beller, CTO, Thesys Technologies; Jacob Loveless, CEO, Lucera; Jock Percy, CEO, Perseus Telecom; Nish Kamdar, Global Head of Network Solutions Engineering, Thomson Reuters

Topic: A discussion about how financial institutions operate inside data centers to gain the upper hand in corporate IT, market data, and high frequency trading.

As you can imagine, data centers are a key element of any modern-day financial institution. From Big Data, to transaction needs, and trading on the stock market, there aren’t many places in the financial sector today that the data center services world doesn’t have a hand in.

To learn more about MarketplaceLIVE East 2014 please visit www.marketplacelive.com or find us on Twitter @TelxMPLIVE. We’d love to answer any questions you may have leading up to the event. Registration is open until the day before of the event—we hope to see you there!

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