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Physical & Financial Resiliency to Support Your Growth

Andy Power, Chief Financial Officer
March 6, 2018

When we talk about resiliency in the data center business, we’re usually referring to the stability and redundancy of the power supply, temperature control and network connectivity. In addition to physical infrastructure, however, the resiliency of your data center provider’s business profile is equally critical to your overall success.

Resiliency is the ability to adapt or adjust well to unexpected change, and to keep moving forward in a positive manner. You depend on the resiliency of our data center architecture to keep your mission-critical applications up and running, but you also depend upon the resiliency of our business model. It’s a precious commodity.

Financial Resiliency Delivers Greater Value

Resiliency has played a critical role in Digital Realty’s ability to survive and thrive throughout the business cycle. We first obtained investment grade credit ratings during the financial crisis in 2009. That was a pivotal moment, because it underscored the credibility we had established through our financial and operational track record. It was a major milestone for our organization, and to this day, we remain the only investment grade-rated data center REIT. More importantly, it opened doors to greater potential, not just for us, but for what we could promise and deliver to you.

Today, as we strive for even greater customer-centricity, we continue to chart a course of sustainable growth for our customers across multiple fronts. First and foremost, we continue to build upon a solid foundation of operational excellence—which means you can count on our track record of resiliency, with 10 consecutive years of “five nines” of uptime. In addition, given our industry-leading financial resiliency, we’re able to deliver state-of-the-art data center facilities strategically located in key metropolitan areas, faster and more efficiently than any other provider. Lastly, we continue to invest in supporting the success of customers with enhanced service capabilities, new product offerings, and entry into new markets like Tokyo and Frankfurt in the last year.

We pursue a strategic approach to growth on a global scale, focusing on the solutions and metro areas that will deliver the greatest value for you, in a rapidly evolving digital economy. Our comprehensive set of data center solutions across a global footprint offers you the freedom to expand into new metro areas or enhance your digital capabilities by providing access to multiple clouds and other service providers in numerous regions from a single, local access point.

Digital Realty delivers physical and financial resiliency to support the evolving needs of your business as you navigate the digital economy, and we look forward to contributing to your continued success.

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