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MarketplaceLIVE Keynote Speakers, Past and Present

Jessica Smith
April 3, 2015

A good keynote speaker should do more than inspire. They should provide the audience key messages that can incorporate into their businesses, and even their personal lives. A good keynote speech has the ability to positively influence the audience long past the event’s closing and the flights home.

As we approach Wednesday, June 10th, 2015, when MarketplaceLIVE returns to New York City for the fourth time, we’ve spent some time thinking about all the insights and knowledge we’ve gained from MarketplaceLIVE speakers—and from each other. Past keynotes of MarketplaceLIVE have brought a diverse sense of knowledge into the ever-evolving technology world we live and work in. The goal of all of the speakers and the event is simple: to help our ecosystem grow and learn together.

In anticipation of this year’s morning keynote and host, Yahoo Tech founder David Pogue, we thought we’d look back through our time machine to see how MPL speakers have helped blaze new trails in tech and define MarketplaceLIVE as a hub of thought leadership in the space. Have a look below for highlights from a few of the many great speakers we’ve had the honor of hosting at Telx MarketplaceLIVE:

  1. Innovation & Big Data: Douglas Merrill, Co-founder & CEO, Zestfinance.com; former CIO, Google
    Most people think success in big data analysis is about the right mix of vast amounts of data, mathematics, and PhDs. Those people are wrong—you need artistry, too. In his keynote, Merrill challenged us to think hard about what’s important in big data, and what isn’t. Big data is filled with many barriers that create noise rather than help, and Merrill’s ultimate suggestion was that we can make big data work by emphasizing the human connections between brands and their data.
  2. Big Ideas—By Accident: Eric Haseltine, Author; former Director of Research, NSA; former Associate Director for Science and Technology, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    This past winter in San Francisco, Eric Haseltine reminded the audience that many big ideas happen by pure chance, given the right opportunity. All throughout his keynote, Haseltine helped guide us on how to harness the power of nonsense and embrace accidents rather than shy away from them—great advice in today’s ever-changing tech world. As MarketplaceLIVE approaches yet again, we encourage you to take Eric’s advice to keep your mind open to opportunities. You never know what surprising good can come from a chance handshake or break between panel sessions!
  3. Data: Make Your Own Market Research: John Wilbanks, CCO, Sage Bionetworks
    When he took the stage at the TimesCenter in July of 2013, John Wilbanks had one goal: to help us make sense of what exactly can be done with all the data we create. With the dawn of the Internet and rising use of personal devices, data has become a lucrative business. As that data has emerged, so too have questions about how data could be used for good personally, socially, and in industries like healthcare. Wilbanks explained an interesting concept: that data is neither a creative work nor an invention, so it’s not covered by copyrights or patents. The politics of data are continuously forming—we’d love to get your feedback on data and on how using data for market research in healthcare can help (or hinder) our lives.
  4. Algorithms Shaping Our Future: Kevin Slavin, Assistant Professor, MIT Media
    Central to Kevin Slavin’s 2013 keynote was the idea that algorithms are shaping our future, from movie recommendations to our bank accounts. Although we don’t think about them much, most of us use algorithms every day to help us make decisions. Every Netflix suggestion and Amazon price is based on an algorithm. The trouble is, algorithms require the sensibility of truth—but in some cases, there’s no human oversight. The question then becomes: what happens when an algorithm goes awry? It’s happened before in cases like the “flash crash” in 2010 or with Amazon’s $23.6 million book. Time will tell what the future of algorithms is, and Slavin’s keynote has served as an interesting conversation starter for us to this day.

As we prepare for our morning host David Pogue to take the stage this summer, we’re growing increasingly excited to see what this tech guru has in store for our audience. He’s known for his funny and informative tech videos, for founding Yahoo Tech, for his background on Broadway, for his knowledge behind Nova Science and the For Dummies series, and more.

There’s so much to be learned from Pogue and our other speakers on June 10th. On behalf of the entire Telx team, we’re truly excited to be able to bring this experience to you, and cannot wait to see what the day will bring.

Want to register for MarketplaceLIVE 2015? Head over to the registration page for everything you need. For more information on MarketplaceLIVE, visit www.marketplacelive.com or connect with us on Twitter @TelxMPLIVE. We’d love to hear from you!

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