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Just Released: Cloud 2014—A Look Back and a Look Ahead [Webinar Recording]

Don Schuett
December 5, 2014

Earlier this week, John Freimuth, GM of Cloud & IT Services here at Telx, participated as a panelist in a Telx-sponsored webinar titled “Cloud 2014—A Look Back and a Look Ahead.” The webinar went very well and we had a hundreds of people attend, but if you missed it live, don’t fret: the webinar is now available for viewing directly on the Telx website.

Readers may access the webinar by visiting its page on our Resource Center. On the landing page, viewers must fill out the form in order for us to send you the webinar viewing insturctions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions about accessing the recording.

“Cloud 2014—A Look Back and a Look Ahead,” recorded on December 2, 2014, recaps key cloud trends to date and, more importantly, discusses key predictions about the future of the cloud. We encourage interested readers to view the webinar for a fruitful discussion about the cloud with John Freimuth, Paul Miller, Marc Staimer, and Barb Goldworm.

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