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EMEA: Ireland is Awesome!

May 29, 2014

Ireland today has become an important hub for many companies across multiple verticals as the market continues to benefit from economic momentum and business investment.

Startups, mid-market companies and large enterprises alike should consider Ireland as they develop or expand their data centre strategies.That’s the message of Host in Ireland, whose goal is to promote the country as an optimum location to host digital assets. The initiative was launched in NYC in May 2014.

A partnership for global organisations, a liaison with Ireland’s governmental policy makers and a networking opportunity for companies, Host in Ireland is also a prime channel for educating those in the U.S market about local digital asset hosting capabilities. For example: Ireland’s infrastructure supports the high speed, low latency networks that are critical to a variety of businesses from banks to cloud providers.

Satisfying client demand

Beyond satisfying client demand, Digital Realty’s recent investment in Ireland is helping to attract global players to Ireland and—we hope—to further establish it as a European hotbed for the industry.

In December 2013, we broke ground on a 10-acre site at Profile Park, West Dublin—a project planned to include up to eight 10,000 square foot Turn-Key Flex® data centre suites.

Each suite will support up to 2 MW of IT load. Upon completion, the four-building campus is expected to total approximately 193,000 gross square feet, with a total IT capacity of over 15 MW.

Lowering PUE

More and more, companies are taking seriously their responsibilities as environmental stewards. The data centre in Profile Park is an example of how our sustainability efforts are in lockstep with this trend.

Since the ground-breaking, Digital Profile Park has been honored as the ‘Winning Project’ in the First Annual Brill Awards, which recognizes companies and technologies that improve the industry’s ability to sustainably deliver IT services to the end user. This recognition was achieved via Profile Park’s use of the ‘Excool’ indirect outside air cooling technology.

Importantly, the site will deliver significant savings to our clients, with projected PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) expected to improve from 1.6 with chilled water to an impressive 1.15 with this cooling solution.

Gaining a data advantage

In summary, Ireland has become a principal international location for hosting your digital assets and one that will enable your business growth by helping you gain a data advantage over your competitors.

~ Omer Wilson, Marketing Director, EMEA for Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR)

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