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How are service providers handling rising international content demand?

Sean McCarthy
May 12, 2015

The talk of the town, so to say, among international service providers has consistently revolved around the steady increase in content demands around the globe throughout the past several years. Not only are volumes rising at exponential rates, expectations among consumers and corporate clientele are becoming intense, with uptime, affordability and access acting as common pain points.

One piece of evidence that demand is indeed being seen on an international level is the rising volume of subsea cable systems, of which there are currently 263 and 22 more are planned to be implemented. This is far from being the only way that Internet service providers are tackling the challenges, and more innovation is likely on the way to build infrastructure at a comfortable pace.

From colocation and advanced connectivity sites to cloud services and beyond, all systems are becoming more converged and integrated to ensure the most powerful, reliable and speedy access to content possible. In the coming years, the same types of trends are going to continue to intensify, and more relevant movements in innovation will certainly be up for grabs.

Inside the trend
There are a wealth of reasons why digital content demand is rising so quickly, and many can be traced back to the use of apps among consumers and businesses. For example, YouTube and other streaming apps take up far greater network and bandwidth capacity than the ones that were more popular a few years back.

On the other hand, companies are also creating more content, largely within the realm of digital marketing and sales campaigns involving blogs, videos and more. This too has increased the level of demand service providers have to meet to maintain strong international relationships with new and prospective clientele.

Another matter to keep in mind here is that users are expanding the volume and diversity of devices which they use to access content, including smartphones, tablets, portable computers, wearables and more. This presents even more significant challenges with respect to delivering services that are agile enough to be consumed through a wealth of devices and platforms.

At the end of the day, more robust adjustments to strategies, as well as the advancement of infrastructure and systems used to host and deliver content, should be high priorities for Internet service providers.

Getting it right
Now, there are a few types of challenges involved in meeting the demands of content-hungry consumers and businesses, but one of the most important topics is cost. Because competition has heated up so much in this market, a price war of sorts has appeared to surface and put many service providers in a precarious position.

This is one reason why leveraging advanced data centers and interconnection facilities that are located in the right places, such as major hubs like New York, is critical for service providers today. These environments might also unlock some doors to new markets and ventures, since so many different types of entities are using them.

Furthermore, maximizing efficiency, reliability and agility through the use of multi-cloud services can take the service provider to a new level of power, allowing it to effectively navigate the turbulent tides of increased international content demand.

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