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June 9, 2015

Remember when most software came in boxes? Before you could install Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop, you had to get your hands on a CD-ROM. You either had to drive to the store, or the CD-ROM had to be delivered to you.

It goes without saying that the world has changed. Data for enterprise and consumer apps and software can now be easily accessed over the Internet, and many devices no longer even have ports for physical media. But data still has to make a journey, albeit one over fiber-optic lines and electromagnetic waves. All of that data – your emails, your photos, your movie downloads – passes through at least one data center at some point in its journey to you.

Just as data is being integrated further into our personal lives, it is exploding in the professional world. Global data center IP traffic is expected to nearly triple over the next five years. And by 2019, nearly as much IP traffic is expected to traverse global IP networks in a single year than all prior “internet years” combined (from 1984 to the end of 2013).

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Andrew Schaap, Senior Vice President U.S. Sales (@andrewschaap1)

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