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Growing Sentinel’s Cloud with Digital Colocation

June 4, 2015

Sentinel Technologies is a leading IT solutions provider based in Chicago, offering its customers IT expertise for a wide range of requirements. Recently, the company launched CloudSelect®, a suite of integrated cloud technologies and services. Previously, Sentinel had been supporting its offerings through a combination of in-house and external colocation facilities, but realized that the capabilities of its existing sites were insufficient to support Sentinel’s growing cloud initiatives.

The company sought:

  • World-class resiliency for its growing cloud initiatives
  • A broader geographic footprint
  • More bandwidth and tighter physical security
  • Excellent fiber connectivity

After a search that began in late 2013, Sentinel chose Digital Realty as its new colocation provider. More specifically, it selected multiple Digital Realty colocation facilities in Chicago and St. Louis. Key to Sentinel’s decision was DIGITAL GlobalConnect, a full suite of connectivity services, including DIGITAL MetroConnect, a Digital Realty connectivity service connecting data centers within a metro market with speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

By choosing colocation from Digital Realty, Sentinel:

  • Accessed a huge range of connectivity options, including more than 300 carriers
  • Deployed consistent colocation in multiple geographic locations
  • Leveraged low-latency bandwidth for customer voice and data center replication services

Sentinel Technologies Case Study

Digital Realty’s advanced colocation facilities, as well as its DIGITAL GlobalConnect offering, ensured that Sentinel gained access to the infrastructure and connectivity it needed as it built out its global cloud solutions. To learn more about how Sentinel Technologies matched its data center solution to its IT strategy and growth goals, read the full case study.

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