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For Healthcare, Data Center Outsourcing Comes with Many Benefits

Ben Gonyea
June 30, 2014

More than many other industries, healthcare depends on data. From patient files, to billing information, to big data for tracking trends across the industry, data is a centerpiece of the healthcare industry in the 21st century.

It makes sense, then, that businesses in the healthcare industry would look towards data center services providers like Telx to help them scale and meet the massive data needs they have on a daily basis. But in an industry so heavily shrouded in regulations and concerns for privacy, is going through a third party really an ideal solution?

Here at Telx, we think it is. Here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial for businesses in the healthcare industry to outsource their data center services:

  • Compliance: Far and away, compliance is the biggest concern for most businesses in the healthcare industry. Outsourcing your data center services to a provider like Telx takes the concern out of your hands. Our compliance with industry standards means that you can depend on us to keep your data safe, even in light of the strict standards in place within healthcare.
  • Reliability: Healthcare IT News reported in December that healthcare industry data center outages cost a whopping $8,000 per minute (due largely in part to the heavy reliance upon data we just mentioned). Telx offers industry leading 100% uptime and 100% on-time SLAs to ensure better reliability and better service throughout the life of your contract—essential in the 24/7 healthcare industry.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Keeping costs down in business is always important, and that’s especially true in healthcare. The time and money invested in housing your data is data is generally much lower when you outsource, allowing you to invest your resources in other critical areas while also keeping costs down over time.
  • Scalability: Finally, scalability is a prominent benefit of outsourcing your data center services. As your business grows over time and needs more data capacity, all you need to do is lease more space—rather than investing in additional hardware and space in your own data center. Health care is a fairly volatile industry, and going through a third party for your data center services helps mitigate some of the costs associated with housing your data on your own.

While the benefits of outsourcing your data center apply to businesses in all industries, they’re especially applicable to businesses in healthcare. Crafting a solution that covers all of your healthcare business’ needs can be difficult, and outsourcing to a provider like Telx gives you an all-in-one solution so you can focus on your core competencies instead of building and managing your own data center.

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