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Digital Realty’s ELE Certification

April 1, 2014

Digital Realty is proud to announce it is the first data center provider to pursue an Extinction Level Event (ELE) Certification from the Aeronautics and Space Administration (ASA). The ELE Certification is the first of its kind and takes into account recent discoveries in the fields of space exploration and astrophysics. Our clients and partners are confident in the data center and colocation solutions we provide, and we want to ensure that this confidence is maintained through any event that might affect the diversity and abundance of macroscopic life on our planet.

The ELE Certification requires data centers to be connected to ASA’s near-Earth object program and receive up-to-the-minute information regarding potential extraterrestrial hazards. When a threat has been identified, algorithms factor the size, trajectory and impact radius of the object and—most importantly—whether or not it poses significant risk to the data center. If such a risk is determined, Digital Realty’s ELE Certified facility will automatically activate a proprietary Kinetic Deflection System that has been shown to harmlessly deflect the object away from the data center to a nearby roadway or lightly populated city center.

After the ELE impact, ELE Certified data centers will effectively go into “hibernation.” The process entails sealing all exterior access points and protecting the facility from elemental hazards such as 100-year nuclear winters, global tsunamis and any potential zombie apocalypse if presented with a Night of the Comet scenario. The ELE Certification demonstrates Digital Realty’s commitment to our clients and realizing their potential and will be available starting on April Fool’s Day 2014.

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