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Digital Realty Service Exchange Addresses Uniformly Pressing Business Needs across Global Markets

Chris Sharp, CTO
September 22, 2016

Looking out at the harbor in Hong Kong last week, I was struck by both the marked differences and the stunning similarities in the markets we are continuously expanding to serve. Today’s launch of the Digital Realty Service Exchange is a unifying factor across those markets and across the cloud providers, telecommunications providers and businesses that comprise them. From San Francisco to New York, or London to Hong Kong, all of our customers are focused on the same interconnection challenges, each a pressing business need, and all of which Service Exchange was designed specifically to address.

First and foremost there is simplicity -- removing the complexity of the interconnection of cloud providers, telecommunications and enterprises that enables so many benefits. Interconnection has historically been very technically challenging, and only a few companies with a great deal of technical resources have been able to truly benefit from it. Service Exchange demystifies that complexity by allowing customers to access, deploy and manage their connections dynamically through our award-winning MarketplacePORTAL, which is the focal point of the service launch today.

We enable simplicity on the back end by automating and leveraging a leading-edge SDN platform that virtualizes that interconnection function on our customers’ behalf, to make the data center a central component of their hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. We are very pleased to have partnered with Megaport to bring Service Exchange to market. Megaport’s innovation in developing the elastic fabric that underpins the service, and in working closely with the public cloud providers themselves to make their services available to customers via Service Exchange, is irreplaceable.

The next factor is scale. Service Exchange is just one of the comprehensive data center products available from Digital Realty that span from single cabinet of colocation to multi-megawatt wholesale deployments. The ability to provide variability in terms of space and power truly differentiates this offering from anything else currently available in the market. It’s here that we look to our long heritage in wholesale – in actually owning the ground and building the walls that house our customers’ most vital IT assets – as a true service differentiator.

Another critical point is security. The direct, private connectivity that Service Exchange provides offers clear benefits when compared to gaining access via the public Internet, the risks and failures of which are splashed across headlines almost daily. Service Exchange customers know exactly where their data is, where it is being routed -- and where it’s not -- and can monitor and manage it, shrink and expand it however finitely they like to ensure the next critical element – performance.

Performance improvements driven and enabled by Service Exchange take a number of forms, including reduced latency and round-trip times for application traffic, improved bandwidth utilization based on lack of contention with external resources, and greatly increased service uptime. This is where the true business benefits are found, as reductions of time and increases in performance translate directly into revenues and profits for Digital Realty enterprise customers.

In all, I couldn’t be more proud of the teams that have come together to make this service a reality, or more optimistic about the benefits that it will drive for our global customer base. Service Exchange is a cohesive framework and a solid offering for global hybrid- and multi-cloud deployments, and something that clearly sets Digital Realty apart from the rest of the market. It’s a unifying force for our customers and partners globally, and will serve as the foundation for a broad range of both our, and their, future innovations.

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