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Combining cloud and colo for agility

February 24, 2015

One common theme we hear about from our clients is that they want agility, optionality, and scalability, so that their IT infrastructure can easily adapt to rapidly changing business requirements.

Cloud and colo are increasingly seen as a viable alternative to building additional data center capacity.

In a recent research report, Gartner analyst Bob Gill observes, “When enterprises begin to run out of space, power and/or cooling within their data centers, their first instinct is often to start planning to build more data center space to meet their growing needs. Instead of simply continuing to build out more space, third-party colocation services are a viable option for any enterprise that is considering augmenting – or completely replacing – its need for data center space for its IT infrastructure.”

Let’s now turn to a discussion of the cloud. The cloud has had a paradoxical effect on data centers. Within many smaller, enterprise-owned facilities, the cloud has spurred consolidation as organizations look to virtualize more of their infrastructure and software and/or shift it to a third-party provider. For larger colocation sites, though, growth is driven by businesses realizing that they can get a higher rate of energy efficiency and utilization from these facilities than they could achieve on their own.

With these trends in mind, it makes sense for you to think about “hybrid colocation,” in which you consider a blend of cloud and colocated solutions. This arrangement may provide you the optimal mix of control and capacity, giving you a path to effectively and efficiently scale your operations.

Check out the Digital Realty colocation solutions. And ping me on Twitter or via our Contact Us page if you’d like to continue the conversation.

– KC Mares, Digital Realty Product Strategist (@kcmares)

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