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A Client-Centric Cloud

June 17, 2014

Digital Realty recently announced, in partnership with ComputeNext, its Global Cloud Marketplace. We’re incredibly excited to embark on this partnership to help Digital Realty provide its clients with easy access to a cloud brokerage. By offering easier access to trusted cloud service providers colocated within its global ecosystem, Digital Realty clients will be able to build and deploy what they need, when they need it, based on their workload requirements.

Delivering solutions that empower clients is one of the most exciting competitive edges one can have on the business battleground today.

As technology and service providers, we need to remember that for each client “the cloud” may mean something different. The cloud can mean a small-business CRM solution, an on-premise enterprise storage appliance, a game server, or an application development platform… the list endlessly multiplies as innovation bounds on.

With so many flavors of cloud services and solutions available on the market, we’ve always believed the most powerful approach is for a client to discover and consume them in a transparent marketplace. We believe that by procuring choice we can effectively address client needs. This is what we call a client-centric cloud experience – and we’re thrilled to be sharing it with Digital Realty.

No matter the solution, the cloud is tangible. It is physical machines in a data center that need to be powered, cooled, and kept online. Clouds are built, run, and consumed within the data center.

The requirements of clients’ workloads are growing: from colocation to supporting large-scale databases for bigger data, or needing specialized network equipment and storage. We believe that by empowering clients with the right ecosystem of colocation plus cloud, we can all grow together.

By Sundar Kannan, CEO of ComputeNext

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