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Beam Your Business Directly to AWS: No Teleporter Needed

April 29, 2014

Where will your company be in five years? If you don’t know, you may already be behind.

That’s why it’s important to partner with providers that already have the future in mind—and the technology to deliver it.

When you think about the future, are you hopeful? A survey by the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian Magazine revealed that most Americans are optimistic about the future, with many envisioning lab-grown organs for transplant and teleportation in the next 50 years.

But until the teleporters start working, businesses may have other concerns. Today, for example, you may be wondering why it’s still so difficult to get your hybrid cloud set up on a private connection rather than using the public Internet. Is simplifying that process still a wish for the future?

tw telecom and its new data center partner, Digital Realty, are making that future happen now for businesses. Digital Realty, a global provider of data center buildings and infrastructure, has seen the shift that companies are making in the way they use cloud services. Today, customers aren’t looking just for infrastructure. For example, a client in one retail data center location may need to communicate with a set of software applications that reside with Amazon Web Services in a different data center.

This kind of hybrid business hosting model requires a whole ecosystem: software providers; remote techs who can walk the data center floor and run cables, reset servers, and reboot machines for the IT departments; and connectivity providers. In order to meet those needs, Digital is reaching out to partners like tw telecom to provide its clients with a full spectrum of best-in-class, turnkey cloud services.

The partnership between tw telecom and Digital Realty is a perfect fit to deliver the right solutions to customers. Both have a nationwide footprint, so wherever businesses are located, they can easily be in a Digital Realty data center. And tw telecom’s nationwide all-fiber business Ethernet Network can take them wherever they need to be from there.

tw telecom has worked closely with Amazon Web Services for nearly two years to develop eLynk(sm) Express for AWS and establish direct connections to Amazon Availability Zones. Now, with a presence in Digital Realty’s mission-critical retail data centers, tw telecom has pre-wired strategically located facilities so that customers can take immediate advantage of eLynk Express.

In addition, tw telecom delivers not just any network, but the Intelligent Network, giving companies transparency and control over those connections. Dynamic Capacity® provides the ability to dial bandwidth up and down as needed; Enhanced Management lets companies keep tabs on application performance across the network; and myPortal makes all of this functionality easy and transparent.

Digital Realty and tw telecom understand that organizations can’t wait for the future; they need technology that allows them to be agile and adapt quickly today. Together, we are offering comprehensive solutions that help customers make the most of their cloud investments.

Is your company looking to the future? Digital Realty and tw telecom are always looking for ways to invest in solutions that make your business’s future easier to realize.

~ Bob Schroeder, Senior Director of Data Center Sales at tw telecom

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