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Accessing the Asia Pacific Market Through Telx’s West Coast Data Centers

Michael DeVito
October 14, 2015

Despite a few slow months, the Asia Pacific market is still making headlines for continued growth in 2015 and beyond.

Asia Pacific’s retail sales volume, for example, is forecast to grow 4.6% this year, with an upward trend expected for the industry until 2018, when the market is estimated to be worth US$10.3 trillion. Myriad companies are investing in this growing market, from Netflix to Expedia and everywhere in between. With several billion people in the region not yet online, it’s not hard to see why these investments are taking place.

Expanding into Asia Pacific isn’t as simple as willing increased connections into existence, however. It takes physical connections and real partnerships for companies to make the leap and expand globally. Not all companies can provide the type of connectivity businesses need. Here at Telx, however, our data center ecosystem is positioned such that it enables companies to expand—no matter which market they’re looking to expand into.

For expanding into Asia Pacific, Telx’s SEA1, PRT1, LOS1, SCL1, SCL2, and SFR1 data centers provide companies with a host of options. Telx clients at SEA1 in Seattle can connect to SIX, the Seattle Internet Exchange, to improve network resiliency to locations in Asia. PRT1 in Portland is strategically positioned next to cable landing stations such as FASTER (as well as the Pittock Internet Exchange) that offer low latency connection to locations throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Clients in our LOS1 facility in Los Angeles have access to The One Wilshire Building and a wide range of Asian carriers that can help you expand your footprint. Through our metro network, clients can reach our SFR1 location carriers from the SCL1 and SCL2 facilities in Santa Clara. SFR1 in San Francisco provides physical connection points to the world’s telecommunications networks and backbones. And all of this is only the beginning of the opportunities you’ll have in Telx’s rich West Coast ecosystem.

All told, Telx’s 21 data centers offer 1.3 million square feet of data center space and more than 50,000 connections to high performance global networks. Through Telx, then, you don’t only have robust access to leading U.S. markets, with 90% of the U.S. population falling within 12 milliseconds of a Telx data center facility. You also have access to resilient connections to markets in Asia and beyond.

You already use Telx for connection to the U.S.’s leading markets, so why not use us to access the Asia Pacific market, as well? To learn more about how Telx’s diverse ecosystem can help your business expand its global footprint, reach out via the contact page of our site, or by Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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