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Digital Realty Publishes “3 Critical Components of a Future-Proof IT Strategy” White Paper

Scott Sherwood, Director of Product Marketing
October 17, 2016

Digital Realty has recently published a new white paper entitled, “The Three Critical Components of a Future-proof IT Strategy.” It outlines how Digital Realty’s “Connected Campus” can be a business advantage for companies of all sizes

IT is (or at least, should be) a key driver of business growth for businesses of all sizes. But the old ways of purchasing and deploying those services are now clunky and inefficient. Today, companies of all sizes need access to premier digital real estate, direct connectivity to leading cloud services, and unlimited scalability.

A simpler, more transparent solution is needed. Digital Realty has defined the three critical components of the “future-proof” IT strategy as follows:

Critical Component 1: Connectivity. The future-proof IT environment features highly secure private connections made quicker by bypassing the public internet. It features low-latency direct access to leading cloud services. A wide range of connectivity options are available to suit your needs as they evolve. Getting your data where it needs to go has never been faster or more flexible.

Critical Component 2: Agility. Whether seamlessly shifting between private and public clouds, handling spikes in traffic, or providing other services that align with your company’s IT and overall business goals, the future-proof IT environment is endlessly flexible. The future-proof IT environment’s Meet Me Rooms have connections to major cloud providers in key markets. With 100% availability of staff and support, it simplifies your network architecture and reduces costs.

Critical Component 3: Scalability. The future-proof IT environment is ready to seize opportunities for growth as soon as you are and doesn’t privilege one client over another. Your presence in the data center can start as small as you like and grow as big as you can. The fact that all requisite technology remains in one environment means that scaling up can also be cost efficient.

The Connected Campus is Digital Realty’s realization of these needs in practice. It is a place where these three components intersect to provide the maximum level of usability and performance for our clients. You are in charge of how and when services are deployed but you’re never without expert help, 24/7.

Ready to discover more about the future-proof data center and Digital Realty’s Connected Campus? Click here to download the white paper in its entirety.

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