Need to quickly build out a data center but not looking for a one-size-fits-all approach? Digital Realty understands that your business needs are unique. That's why we developed Turn-Key Flex (TKF), a modular – yet adaptable – design program. We'll partner with you to quickly configure and deliver the right data center for your business.


With Turn-Key Flex, we can deliver to you a secure, enterprise-quality data center solution that fits your timeline and budget – and is also adapted to your unique business needs. Our proprietary POD Architecture® is a modular approach, so you can choose a move-in ready product or select from a range of options for mechanical and electrical systems configurations, which we pre-assemble for you before delivery. Our expert teams will work with you to ensure that your Turn-Key Flex data center is the right fit to accelerate your business strategy.


With Turn-Key Flex, you can be confident that you are getting established technology that is also designed for your needs in the future. We have deployed and currently operates more than 100 Turn-Key Flex data centers across our global platform. Digital Realty data centers have delivered 99.999% uptime since 2007, so the core applications your business needs to succeed will be available when you need them. The documented processes and best practices that we use in our data centers have been developed from our experience managing data centers for companies across a wide spectrum of industries. At the same time, the modular approach allows us to deliver data centers today that are designed for the future.

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