Planning to build and operate your own data center? Digital Realty's expert teams will partner with you to choose the right data center for your business from our selection of fully permitted, power- and fiber-provisioned sites. If you don't find a site that's right for you, we'll partner with you through the process of site selection, power procurement, and shell and core construction, so you can focus on details such as the critical systems and applications your business needs.


With Digital Realty's expert teams as your partner during the design and development process, you'll benefit from our extensive past experience and forward-looking perspective. We'll deliver a fit-out ready, fully permitted, power- and fiber-provisioned site that saves you time and money and enables you to meet your business goals.

Our Powered-Based Building data centers are master-planned facilities equipped with dedicated utility infrastructure. We provide planning and entitlement approval, as well as switchgear handoff experience and power procurement utility load letters.

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