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Open-IX Location and Infrastructure

As of April 2014, Digital Realty has received Open-IX certification for four data centers in four regions: NY, San Francisco, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Certification for additional data centers (in Chicago and Ashburn) are in the planning phase.

Open-IX certification promotes uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity, and creates resiliency to improve reliability.

The Open-IX Association, which was formed in September 2013, is a non-profit and neutral body of volunteers from the internet community, sharing the common goal of creating standards for internet connectivity, resiliency, interconnections, security and cost. Open-IX seeks to help unify a highly fragmented industry and change the way networks connect with one another in North America by creating a new network of member-governed internet exchange points housed in multiple neutral data center facilities that allow participants to interact and exchange content in a very cost-effective manner.

Open-IX Locations       
Digital Realty data centers that received Open-IX certification:

  • 111 8th Ave., New York, NY
  • 365 Main St., San Francisco, CA
  • 2260 E. El Segundo Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
  • 850 E. Collins, Dallas, TX

Digital Realty data centers that are in the planning stage for Open-IX certification:

  • Ashburn, VA
  • Chicago, IL

Including the Ashburn, VA and Chicago, IL data centers, 29 Digital Realty data centers are expected to have Open-IX  connectivity as part of Digital Realty’s ecosystem.

 New York



Bay Area

Los Angeles


7 Buildings

7 Bulidings

3 Buildings

5 Buildings

2 Buildings

5 Buildings


Services & Prices

Digital Realty is pleased to offer cross connect pricing:

Cross Connect Description

Media Type



Customer in Digital Realty data center, campus or metro where Open-IX equipment is physically installed.




Customers in non-Digital Realty datacenters that requires building interconnections to Exchange.




Specific information for OIX compliance:
The OIX Data Center compliance standard and governance document requires the following specific information to be provided for customers.

Digital Realty OIX Advisory Board Member List:

  • Steven Schecter,Senior Network Architect - Akamai
  • Maureen Carroll,Director, Product Management, IP Peering & Transit – Deutsche Telekom
  • Derek Garnier, CEO – Layer42 Networks

Additional Internet specific OIX advisors will be added as required.

A list of government information requests and the action taken on them will be posted to this website if legally available to disclose.

For more information about the Open Internet Exchange (OIX) Data Center Certification or our enterprise data center services and colocation solutions, please contact Digital Realty online or call (877) 378 -3282 today.