A proactive advocate

Having built data centers for a variety of enterprises around the globe, Digital Realty understands the range of challenges that our customers can face when moving into a new facility. Armed with this knowledge, our customer service organization serves as a proactive advocate for each of our customers.

As part of our managed data center services, one of our service professionals will be assigned to you and charged with coordinating every aspect of the move-in process. Your Digital Realty representative will oversee everything from clarifying timeframes to ensuring that all your questions and issues are addressed—even before you take possession of your new data center.

Integrated approach

Move-In Management represents an integrated approach to data center management between our sales and operations teams. For example, with insight gleaned throughout the respective processes, we are able to help our customers optimize the floor layout so they can use their space as efficiently as possible.

Importantly, Digital Realty continues to support the transition period even after the actual move-in has been completed. In other words, we not only work with customers to ensure that all their electrical infrastructure requirements are met so they can wire-up all their racks and servers and go live, but we also manage the numerous deliveries that typically come on the heels of opening a new data center.