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Our move-in-ready racks with fully redundant power and cooling systems are expandable based on your growth and requirements.
Our dedicated cages can be leased/licensed in a secure area to enable your ideal space, security and deployment configuration.
Interconnection options to the world’s top networks, installation and remote hands support are available when you need them.

Colocation services are fully customizable and enable you to lease or license a dedicated and secure area within one of our premier data center suites. This allows you to create your ideal space, customize your security and deployment configurations, and match your data requirements with your business demands now, and into the future. As your business grows, our solutions are adjusted to seamlessly address the growth of your data requirements.

Colocation Solutions - Taking It to the Next Level

Each of our 130+ locations across 4 continents offers fully backed-up power circuits and cooling systems to meet your density and redundancy requirements. Our strategic presence, broad array of colocation services and interconnection options to the world’s top networks and service providers enable our clients to have access to an ever-expanding digital ecosystem.

Over the last 7 years, Digital Realty has delivered a portfolio-wide uptime record of 99.999% (“five 9s”) for its data center operations, unmatched by any other data center provider in the world. So even with a colocation solution, your racks and cages are equipped with fully redundant 2N electrical systems, and fed from industry leading UPS, switchgear and other electrical equipment. Cooling systems have fully redundant components that maintain the appropriate temperature and we monitor all critical building, cooling and electrical systems via our custom building monitoring platform.

For added peace of mind, all of our data centers are secured with advanced access control systems and patrolled by dedicated security personnel who work 24/7/365.

Colocation Locations:

7620 Metro Center Drive
7500 Metro Center Drive

105 Cabot Street
128 First Avenue
200 Quannapowitt Parkway
55 Middlesex Turnpike

350 E Cermak Rd
600 S Federa
9333 Grand Avenue
9355 Grand Avenue

1232 Alma Rd - Digital Dallas
2323 Bryan Street
2440 Marsh Lane
850 E Collins Blvd - Digital Dallas
907 Security Row

12231, 12235, 12245 N Freeway Digital Houston

3 Foxboro Park
Chessington - Fountain Court

Los Angeles
2260 E El Segundo Boulevard

Deer Park - 72 Radnor Drive

N Virginia
1807 Michael Faraday Court
4030 Lafayette Center Drive
43940 Digital Loudoun Plaza (Bldg G)
44060 Digital Loudoun Plaza (Bldg K)
8100 Boone Boulevard
New York
111 8th Avenue, NY
300 JFK Boulevard E, NJ
365 S Randolphville. NJ
80 Merritt Boulevard, CT

720 Second Street

114 Rue Ambroise Croizat, Paris, France

120 East Van Buren Street
2121 S Price Road

San Francisco
365 Main Street

Silicon Valley
1100 Space Park Drive
2805 Lafayette Street
3105 Alfred Street

St. Louis
210 N Tucker
900 Walnut

Erskine Park - 1-11 Templar Rd
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