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White Paper: Even the cloud needs a home

Five key issues for data centre buyers in the era of social, mobile, analytics and cloud.

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White Paper: Powering the Green Data Center

How renewable energy generates sustainable results.

This planning guide “Powering the Green Data Center” looks at the importance of environmental concerns in the age of heightened corporate responsibility, and identifies the considerations for moving to a clean energy model for data centers, including:

• The growing importance ofsustainability in the data center
• What is “clean” energy?
• How to source clean energy

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Forrester Report: Don't Fear the Cloud - Profit from it

Cloud adoption is significantly accelerating, and is a potential source of significant business growth, as well as disruption within your organization. This report consolidates the experience, insight, and lessons that Forrester has gained from discussions with global organizations with enterprise-wide cloud strategies. These companies are reaching new markets faster, empowering employees, and leveraging cloud, without sacrificing compliance, control, or employee satisfaction.

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White Paper: Preparing for a data centre migration - an iTnews cheat sheet

Top ten tips for a successful relocation

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White Paper: Riding the third wave: The IoT’s impact on businesses in Asia

Propelled by an exceptional convergence of trends – big data, mobile phone ubiquity, interoperable hardware, the resurrection of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 3D printing and crowd funding – the emerging technology known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to link up everything with everyone in an integrated global network.

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White Paper: Forrester Research Report: Strategically Locate Your Next Data Center

Forrester’s new research report, Strategically Locate Your Next Data Center, highlights one of the top trends we are seeing with clients. The two key takeaway from the report are 1) customer-centric service design starts with your physical footprint, and 2) success depends on holistic orchestration.

It goes on to describe how location restraints are disappearing and recommends how to design your ecosystem to support dependable service delivery, and perhaps most importantly, it suggests aligning site selection criteria to future customer and business requirements.

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White Paper: Consider Colocation

As A Key To Your Holistic Data Center Strategy
by Sophia I. Vargas, July 25, 2014 | Updated: August 4, 2014

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White Paper: Build Or Colocate?

The ROI Of Your Next Data Center
by Rachel A. Dines and Sophia I. Vargas, August 20, 2013

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White Paper: Data centre outsourcing, is it just a space race?

A guide to analysing how well a data centre soluition provider aligns with your business needs.

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White Paper: The Secure Data Center: An Integrative Approach to Achieving Holistic Security

Today’s headlines are replete with accounts of major corporations that have found themselves under attack for their enterprise data.

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White Paper: Compliance and Clients

Enterprise data center clients operate in some of the most complex and regulated environments in the world. These clients need assurance that their partners are up to the challenge of meeting their needs and operating effectively within a dynamic ecosystem. For the client-focused data center solutions provider, this presents a perfect opportunity to differentiate its services from those of other solution providers who simply provide five 9’s. In this white paper, Digital Realty’s Gary Smith discusses how important it is for data center providers to develop comprehensive compliance programs: “We view compliance as a foundational concept and an opportunity to partner with our clients.”

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White Paper: Demystifying Data Centre Costs In Australia

Few would dispute the notion that the world has witnessed an information technology (IT) revolution in recent years, which has resulted in greater demands on technology and an ever-increasing amount of data being produced, stored and transferred each and every day. Despite this surge in data, however, companies all over Australia continue to accommodate their own data centres on-site, running the risk of over-expenditure and burdensome inefficiencies. In this white paper, Digital Realty’s Peter Wolsey articulates the many benefits of outsourcing data centre requirements.

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White Paper: The Impact of the MAS Technology Risk Management Guidelines on Data Centres

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) recently revised its Technology Risk Management Notice and Guidelines, which promote sound technology risk management and security practices in the financial services industry. Digital Realty has since published a white paper addressing the impact of the revised guidelines on data centre outsourcing for the financial services industry.

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White Paper: The Advantages of Cooling Data Centres Using 'Free Air'

By partnering with data centre providers that use outside air to cool data centres, companies can drive down total cost of occupancy, save on water usage, simplify operations, improve power usage effectiveness and realize significant energy savings. In fact, PUEs of less than 1.3 are achievable. Outside air is a viable option when considering cooling choices for data centre deployments.

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White Paper: DCIM Solution Creates Connectivity-Rich Environment

Armed with a comprehensive view of their data centers, operators can help their firms effectively “grow” business. This paper explores the challenges inherent in establishing a successful data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform and introduces EnVision, Digital Realty’s recently launched DCIM solution.

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White Paper: The Next Generation of Data Centre Connectivity

This paper discusses how Digital Realty is uniquely positioned to help enterprise customers overcome the challenges related to fibre optics and network connectivity as the cloud becomes more widely adopted as a key strategic business tool.

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White Paper: The modular approach to data centre design

Modular continues to be a leading topic within the data center industry. This paper discusses the evolution of the modular data center and the drivers that will continue to push this technology further as companies continue to require flexible data center solutions that support their business.

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White Paper: Executive Guide Total Cost of Ownership

This Executive Guide will examine the many more granular aspects, such as energy costs and operating efficiency, as well as other data center specific issues.

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White Paper: Executive Guide - Energy Efficiency

This whitepaper will focus on understanding the factors that impact total energy use and the opportunities
for improving energy efficiency in the data center.

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White Paper: Executive Guide - Build or Buy

This whitepaper examines some of the major issues in more detail that should be part of your due diligence in making the Build vs Buy decision.

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